Nunofelted jacket with Natali Shvetz

Natali Shvetz (Vinnica, Ukraine) is well-known in Russia and Europe. Earlier, she worked a lot with leather, but now felting is her priority. She will guide you through the process from constructing your custom pattern to laying out the wool and felting…

This tutorial will be dedicated to nuno felting: Natali will create a seamless jacket, but you can use the techniques and ideas in many other projects. We will make this model: Elegante bianco with rich nunofelted décor and double ruffle.

Natalia will explain how to construct custom patterns for felted garment having only basic measurements and how to lay out the wool in order to achieve perfect shape. She will talk about nuno felted surfaces which are the result of interplay between fabric (natural and synthetic), wool and decorative fibers (viscose, silk, bamboo). And now, good news: Natali does not use the electric sander.

Material list:

  • Patternmaking tools, like rulers, curves, and paper, pencils and permanent marker
  • Plastic sheeting for making template for felting
  • Scissors for paper/plastic and for fabric
  • Merino wool 18 mkm in tops, 300 gram
  • Other fibers like viscose, tencel, bamboo, silk etc (50-100 gram)
  • Selection of silk fabric, lace etc
  • Standard felting tools: water, ball browse, soap, towels, gloves
  • Styrofoam pipe
  • Press-studs
  • Natalia works without electric sander.
  • Part 1: Constructing your individual template.
  • Fiber directions: different layouts: “vertical”, “parquet”, orthogonal. How to take your custom measurements. How to construct your custom template.
  • Part 2: Laying out the wool
  • First (the inner layer): the lining. Second (middle) wool layer. Which layout gives an accentuated waist?
  • Part 3: Décor
  • It is the most interesting part of the work! Using silk, lace and synthetic fabric.
  • Part 4: Laying out the front part and the ruffle
  • Part 5: Felting, fulling and finish
  • Whether you make felting for fun or professionally, learn the skills and tools you need to master nunofelting.