Felt Fur Hat with Olga Shuljak

Is real or faux fur better for the planet?

Felt makers know the correct answer: FELT FUR! Creating new incredible fur from wool fleece means no harm to nature and at the same time interesting designer solutions.

Olga Shuljak is one of the most prominent fiber artists working with raw wool fleece. She combines raw fleece from different sheep races, alpaca and yak with finest merino tops, silk and other decorative fibers. She makes garment, accessories and hats and teaches a lot.

We present to you her video tutorial “Felt fur hats with Olga Shuljak.”

You will learn how to create accessories using raw fleece, how to combine it with other fibers, how to make a special template for such beanie-type hats, how to create different surfaces from fur-like to a smooth velour-like and how to make pompons.

The tutorial starts with a guided tour to the world of fleece (Part “Fleece story). Olga will share her love and expertise with you.

Then Olga will present to you her different templates/resists for berets and beanies. She will explain how to make calculations and construct the template; you will get two ready-to-go patterns in the handout.

It is a special “book” template which is different from the common “profile” templates.

Olga will explain to you the layout and felting techniques for different types of raw wool and for different surface design.

Working with fleece: felting.

Shaping the hat on a hat block.

This tutorial is perfect for both experienced and novice felt makers. It gives you the tools to construct a variety of custom hats: beanies and berets. Make hats that are as unique as you are! It contains 11 Parts and a handout. You will get two patterns for the template which you can print or draw manually.

The tutorial can be a solution for those of you who want to jump into the world of raw fleece and want to start with a small project.