Felted boots with Marina Klimchuk

Dear felt makers!

We are happy to present to you the new video tutorial “Felted boots”.

Marina Klimchuk is well known in Russia. She was one of the pioneers who adopted the traditional art of making felted boots elevating them to urban fashion. Many of her students are now successful crafters. She will share the technique and philosophy of making felted boots with you.

3-hour video tutorial contains the following topics:

  • - Taking custom measurements and creating custom templates (patterns)
    3D shape (the boot) shrinks in a pretty complex non-linear way during felting and fulling process. Marina will explain how to modify the template (resist) in order to achieve the perfect shape.
  • - Felting and fulling techniques for creating a stable felt suitable for boots as everyday footwear
    When is your felt ready? This question is crucial for footwear. Marina will list the criteria of good professional felt for felted boots.
  • - Shaping your boots.
    Professional tools which can be helpful (and how to succeed with minimum tools)
  • - Attaching the sole to the boots
    Type of soles that can be used.
  • - Shoemaker materials and tools
    (glues, threads, eyelets, hooks, zippers, awls…)
  • - Finish
    final shaping and putting extra-seams for stability (stabilizing the heel counter and the toe box).

You will get one-of-a-kind boots, stylish and comfortable. You can see some of Marina’s models in the trailer.

Some felting experience, and/or, some shoe-making experience is desired. Our tutorials explain the working process from A to Z, but you will need some experience and patience to go through it. Making felted boots which have a real craftsmanship, requires some equipment (which is listed in the trailer). For ambitious beginners it makes sense to start with felted slippers tutorial in order to get familiar with “strong felt”.