Felted art bag and shawl with Svetlana Fomina

Svetlana Fomina has an amazing biography: she graduated from the famous architecture school (Moscow Architectural Institute) and worked as a professional artist and art teacher. Ten years ago she developed a passion for fiber art. She designs and produces unique accessories in her studio in Moscow and teaches a lot. Svetlana enjoys developing new ideas and novel approaches to materials and technique. Svetlana’s favorite method is “painting with wool”. She creats beautiful, almost photo quality images using different fibers.

Svetlana will share all her techniques with you. She will show how to make a bag and a stole step by step and how to use you own images. This tutorial will be useful for beginners and for advanced feltmakers as well, you also do not need any special drawing skills.

  • Part 1. Introduction. Materials.
  • Let’s make an overview of all materials you need for the bag. First, carded wool, the best fineness is 29-32 micron, 130-160 gramm (4,4-5,6 oz) depending on the size of the bag.

    Then, some wool top (fineness 18-19 micron), it will come to the inner part of the bag, 40-50 gramm (1,4-1,7 oz). An assortement of decorative fibers (viscose, rayon, tencel or bamboo).

    You will need usial felting and sewing utencils. Svetlana recommends to use an electric sander, but you may also work without it.

  • Part 2. Laying out the wool
  • Part 3. Preparing images. “Painting” with wool and fibers.
  • Part 4. Composition.
  • Part 5. Felting and fulling.
  • Part 6. Shaping.
  • Part 7. Making the 3D flower.
  • Part 8. Strapes/handles. Making felted ropes.
  • Part 9. Assembling the bag.
  • Part 10. Tulip scarf.

You need nice piece of silk chiffon, merino tops (finesness not more than 19 micron) and decorative fibers (viscose, tencel or bamboo) in different colors. The amount depends on your design, but prepare at least 50 gramm (two ounces) of wool and fibers.