“Art felt stole and bolero” with Maria Gladchenko.

Maria Gladchenko has an amazing biography: professional artist, painter, fashion designer and feltmaker. She designs and produces unique clothing and accessories in her studio in Moscow.

Maria enjoys developing new ideas and novel approaches to materials and technique. She loves art nouveau style with its elegant designs that united flowing, natural forms resembling the stems and blossoms of plants. She will show you how to make such a gorgeous shawl and a small vest (bolero).

You can use Maria’s techniques and ideas in many other projects (felted garments and accessories).

Get inspired by watching Maria in action and learn from an experienced felt artist the skills and tools you need to master her style of nunofelting - from choosing materials, constructing patterns, design, layouts to felting and finish the décor.

Plan of the videotutorial:

  • Part 1: Introduction; materials used.
  • Part 2: Making prefelt.
  • Part 3: Creating image with prefelt.
  • Part 4: Felting with the electric sander.
  • Part 5: Felting and fulling.
  • Part 6: Small vest (bolero) Template and materials required.
  • Part 7. Back part of the vest.
  • Part 8. Front part.
  • Part 9. Felting and fulling
  • Part 10. Bolero variant #2
  • Part 11. About my designs…